FERA Introduces FerAppease Swine For Improved Welfare, Dr. Stephen Patterson Joins Its Team

FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals is pleased to introduce FerAppease Swine. This unique analogue of the naturally occurring Maternal Swine Appeasing Substance (MSAS) is used to reduce stress, and improve piglet and adult pig welfare, health and performance.

“Naturally, MSAS is secreted by the sow’s skin to comfort her piglets while nursing,” says FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals founder and CEO Rodrigo Bicalho, D.V.M, Ph.D. “Now MSAS is available in a bottle. FerAppease Swine is applied topically on an animal’s nose and forehead. When breathed in, it works in the brain to reduce stress and minimize the animal’s perception of danger, allowing it to feel safe and more comfortable during routine management and physiological stressors, such as processing, castration, weaning, transportation, commingling, farrowing and much more.”

Research shows that FerAppease Swine significantly reduces stress, leading to lower cortisol concentrations. Proven benefits include improved average daily gain and feed efficiency, plus a 49% reduction in post-commingling aggression.
To help launch the product, FERA is excited to announce that Stephen Patterson, D.V.M, has joined the company as Director of Swine Sales-North America, working with the FERA team to create awareness of FerAppease Swine within the swine community.

Dr. Patterson received his Bachelor of Science in agriculture in 1986 from the University of Missouri-Columbia and then a Degree of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. In 1993, he completed the inaugural Executive Veterinary Program designed to enhance business management and medical skills of swine veterinarians.

Dr. Patterson has continued to grow his swine expertise and consultation skills with a high emphasis on health, reproduction and production management. Today, he owns BoarMax, a custom-collect semen business; Passion for Pigs Seminars and Trade Shows; and Passion for Pigs Veterinary Service, a 100% focused swine practice, plus he is a member of several swine industry associations and writes for various trade magazines.

“I’m extremely excited to have this opportunity to work with FERA,” says Dr. Patterson. “The swine community has never seen an innovation like FerAppease Swine, and I can’t wait to help educate the entire pork production chain on all the potential uses and benefits for sows, piglets, grow-finish, the show ring, and more. With FerAppease Swine, I see unlimited uses that are especially timely to our industry, as consumers continue to focus on welfare concerns pertaining to livestock production.”

According to Dr. Patterson, FERA has aligned with multiple distributors, veterinarians, and other key industry personnel to market FerAppease Swine, plus he says that the company continues to invest in statistically relevant research showing the value of FerAppease Swine, its efficacy and significant return on investment.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have Dr. Patterson join our team,” says Dr. Bicalho. “His veterinary experiences, deep knowledge of the swine industry and expansive network will have an immediate and positive impact on our business. He will help drive our vision and commitment to advancing swine health, performance and wellness.”

FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals combines innovation and science to bring practical products to the animal health field that will enhance the health, productivity and welfare of pets and production animals. For more information about FerAppease Swine and to order product, visit feraah.com/ferappease-swine.