BinSentry Launches Feed Ordering Hub at the World’s Largest Pork Industry Trade Show, World Pork Expo.

BinSentry, an Ontario-based agriculture technology start-up, announces the launch of Feed Ordering Hub to increase feed ordering and scheduling automation both at the mill and the farm levels.

Just six months after the start-up’s launch of Horizon and Sensus, today BinSentry launches Feed Ordering Hub. A cloud-based hub designed to increase feed ordering and scheduling automation enabling feed mills to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources better.

What started as a simple feed ordering automation software a few months ago has now evolved into a complete hub where feed mills can connect with both their customers and nutritionists to not only increase operational efficiency but to help their partners to maximize production and operate more profitably.

The algorithms and technology behind the hub transform on-farm feed inventory data greater than ever before, enabling users to get the insights they need to make informed decisions and reduce costs such as feed waste, outages, or mortality losses. New features, like the ability to create feed budgets, help both nutritionists and producers increase performance and animal welfare by ensuring that the right feed type is delivered to the right bin at the right time.

The hub is now an integral part of BinSentry’s Horizon platform, adding powerful tools and new features that make the Horizon experience better than ever.

In fact, World Pork Expo attendees will receive hands-on experience at BinSentry’s booth, where the hub will be demoed to thousands of participants. The trade show, which takes place every year in Des Moines, Iowa, is the world’s largest in the pork industry, where hundreds of companies exhibit the latest developments in tech and services. BinSentry will be there sharing its software developments as they strive to achieve its mission of building the Mill of the Future.

About BinSentry

BinSentry is a Canadian AgTech company located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario’s thriving technology hub. Its mission is to automate the feed supply chain to build the Mill of the Future and, in so, enable feed mills, livestock producers, and nutritionists to operate more sustainably, efficiently, and profitably via the integration of emerging technologies. BinSentry Horizon platform enables ag partners to drive increased profits by managing the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the feed supply chain. When combining the power of their Feed Ordering Hub, their Sensus hardware, and machine learning, feeding the world becomes more efficient and sustainable than ever before.

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