BASF´s BalanGut™ LS The right balance for a healthy gut and sustainable wellbeing

 Far more than being just a digestive organ, the gut is key to every aspect of animal health, wellbeing and performance. BalanGut™ LS is proven to play a vital role in this, restoring gut integrity, supporting beneficial bacteria, the animal’s own immune defense system, without excessive use of antibiotics. So it can help you create feed that delivers for the animals, your business and your customers, while meeting the demands of the market and consumers.

BalanGut™ LS is fortifying intestinal health and supporting animal wellbeing

The unique mixture of naturally occurring monoglycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids in BalanGut™ LS supports:

  • Restoration and strengthening of intestinal health Intestinal health resilience
  • Improved livability
  • Animal wellbeing
  • Economic and ecological sustainability

BalanGut™ LS is a sustainable solution that fosters gut balance and good health of the animal