AndroVision® eFlow: Setting higher standards in precision semen analysis

Minitube’s eFlow chamber system is raising the bar in the precision of semen sample preparation and analysis. Connected to the highly precise CASA system, AndroVision®, eFlow allows for objective, accurate and efficient sample preparation with automatic filling and rinsing of the chamber.

Unlike a conventional counting chamber, a reusable chamber is used, which is automatically filled with a diluted ejaculate. After the analysis is complete, the system is automatically flushed and ready for the next ejaculate.

The eFlow system benefits include:

  • Decreased human error from pipetting into a chamber
  • 90 seconds per analysis
  • Simple assembly and disassembly for each production day
  • Improves the accuracy of sperm concentration

The eFlow system is simple to operate, increasing efficiency and accuracy to semen analysis in labs worldwide. To learn more about installing eFlow into your lab or a customized offer, please contact your Minitube representative or visit our site: