US Meat Production Trends in July 2023: Beef Declines, Pork Surges, and Overall Output Drops

In July 2023, the United States witnessed notable shifts in its meat production landscape, as reported by the USDA NASS. Total meat production for the month reached 4.13 billion pounds, signaling a 2% decrease compared to the previous year’s 4.23 billion pounds. While beef production took a 6% dip, pork production saw a 2% increase, outlining the following key details:

Beef Production: The beef production for July amounted to 2.11 billion pounds, reflecting a 6% decline from the same period in 2022. This decrease was accompanied by a 6% reduction in cattle slaughter, totaling 2.60 million head. Interestingly, the average live weight increased by 3 pounds from the previous year, reaching 1,344 pounds.

Pork Production: On the contrary, pork production surged by 2%, reaching 2.01 billion pounds in July. Hog slaughter recorded a 3% upswing, totaling 9.62 million head. However, there was a slight dip in the average live weight, down by 3 pounds from the prior year, settling at 281 pounds.

Veal and Lamb/Mutton Production: Veal production experienced an 8% decrease, amounting to 3.8 million pounds, while lamb and mutton production stood at 9.5 million pounds, down by 9% compared to July 2022. Calf slaughter marked a 21% decline, and sheep slaughter decreased by 3%. Average live weights also showed fluctuations.

For the cumulative period of January to July 2023, commercial red meat production reached 31.4 billion pounds, marking a 2% decrease from the same timeframe in 2022. Beef production declined by 4%, veal production decreased by 12%, pork production exhibited a 1% rise, and lamb and mutton production experienced a 1% decrease.

These trends in meat production for July 2023 provide valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the US meat industry, with varying performance across different sectors.