USDA Enhances Reporting for Prop 12-Compliant Hogs in Livestock Classification

In a recent development, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has expanded its livestock reporting to specifically include hogs raised in accordance with animal confinement legislation (ACL), notably California’s Proposition 12. The update involves the inclusion of a new category in the National Weekly Direct Swine Non-Carcass Merit Premium report, distinguishing ACL-compliant pigs from the general “other” classification.

Previously, pigs adhering to ACL were grouped under the broader “other” category, which encompassed programs with premiums for diverse protocols, including antibiotic-free practices. However, due to the increasing volume of ACL pigs, AMS has deemed it fitting to establish a distinct category, providing stakeholders in the pork industry with more detailed insights.

In a news release, AMS highlighted that this addition aims to equip pork industry stakeholders with essential information for making well-informed decisions regarding the production and marketing of ACL-compliant hogs.

Proposition 12, a California legislation, imposes conditions on the sale of pork meat within the state, irrespective of its origin. Notably, it mandates that all pork products must originate from pigs born to a sow housed in at least 24 square feet of space. The full enforcement of Prop 12 is set to commence on January 1, 2024.