US Swine Health Improvement Plan: Made by Producers for Producers

In this video, learn more from Jill Brokaw, a third-generation pig farmer and NPB staff member, as she dives into the vital role of the U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan, also known as U.S. SHIP. The program establishes a national playbook of standards for monitoring African swine fever and classical swine fever.

How Will the Pork Industry Use US SHIP? 
U.S. SHIP uses already existing programs to support the standards for biosecurity, traceability and disease surveillance.

  • Biosecurity: This plan uses your completed Secure Pork Supply plan to demonstrate compliance with the biosecurity program standards and shows your ability to reduce the risk of disease introduction.
  • Traceability: AgView can be used to demonstrate compliance with the traceability standards and the ability to electronically provide State and Federal agencies the traceability information they need to determine where disease is and isn’t.
  • Disease Surveillance: The Certified Swine Sample Collector Program helps expand the number of people certified to take samples. In the event of a large-scale foreign animal disease outbreak, we will need a trained group of sample collectors to help animal health officials find where the disease is present. This is to help you demonstrate freedom of disease and support the permitted movement of animals.

Getting Started with US SHIP:
1. Enroll in U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan
2. Share 30 days of movement data
3. Have a completed Secure Pork Supply Plan
4. Become U.S. SHIP certified
5. Maintain communication with your state

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