U.S. Red Meat Ambassadors Assist USMEF Programs in Peru, Chile

USMEF efforts to expand industry outreach and grow the number of U.S. beef and pork cuts available in Peru and Chile continue with the help of a program that trains recruits on quality attributes of U.S. red meat. These ambassadors are provided resources and guidance on communicating the quality and versatility of U.S. red meat in social media.

Training resumed for several ambassadors recently in Lima as a food influencer with 470,000 followers provided tips related to photography, video and text, and explained how to better work the algorithms of different social media platforms. Because some ambassador recruits are not influencers, USMEF provides training on best practices for how to communicate about U.S. red meat through their social media accounts.

With grill promotion proving effective at introducing new cuts of U.S. beef and pork, some ambassadors in the program receive technical training to assist USMEF at meetings, seminars and events. In Cusco, Peru, last month, an ambassador provided grill demonstrations during a seminar for 44 foodservice clients of a U.S. red meat importer/distributor while this month, ambassadors assisted with U.S. beef training sessions for butcher shops in Cusco and Ica. In July, several ambassadors will provide cutting demonstrations and serve as featured speakers during three in-store promotions for U.S. pork in Lima.

U.S. red meat ambassadors undergo training related to social media in Lima .