U.S. Pork Loin is Featured Attraction at Training Events with Mexican Distributors

Corporate Chef German Navarrete works individually with each Cedicarnes client to develop new loin recipes for their restaurants

USMEF recently partnered with Cedicarnes, a leading pork importer in northeast Mexico, to provide education and training for its end-user clients in foodservice on the versatility and quality attributes of U.S. pork loin. The training event was the first of seven planned in 2023 to promote the U.S. pork loin with importer/distributors and their end-user clients.

“These events are opportunities to explain the quality attributes of U.S. pork loin and demonstrate its versatility through the range of cuts that can be obtained from the loin. Our virtual reality tool enables us to provide hands-on training on obtaining different cuts from the loin,” says Corporate Chef German Navarrete.

Following the cutting demonstration, Navarrete worked with each of the distributor’s clients during a workshop to develop new recipes with the U.S. pork loin for their restaurants. All new recipes are then prepared and shared amongst the clients.

“Pork loin promotion is a strategic priority and these training events are successful at encouraging trial purchases of U.S. pork loins. We then work with the distributors on promotional plans for the product,” adds Gerardo Rodriguez, USMEF regional director for Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic.

Funding support for the training event was provided by the National Pork Board and USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion program.