The Maschhoffs’ 2022 Purpose and Impact Report: Celebrating Dedication, Progress, and Community Engagement

The Maschhoffs, a leading name in the agricultural industry, proudly unveils its 2022 Purpose and Impact Report, showcasing a remarkable journey of commitment and achievement. This report, laden with key highlights, illustrates the company’s unwavering dedication across various fronts:

Relationships: Demonstrating an outstanding 71% improvement in TCIR since 2019, The Maschhoffs reaffirms its commitment to safety and employee well-being. Moreover, the seamless integration of company culture with production partners underscores elevated levels of service and support.

Service: With a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, The Maschhoffs consistently delivers top-notch service in alignment with its core values. Actively participating in community initiatives and providing donations further reinforces its commitment to positively impacting the communities served.

Stewardship: The Maschhoffs’ commitment to animal care is evident through consistent achievement of internal and third-party audit goals. Additionally, the company’s proactive approach to Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and maintaining a commendable average score of 95% compliance with environmental practices underscores its stewardship ethos.

Progress: Noteworthy accomplishments include a remarkable 42% improvement in transport/fuel efficiency between 2013 and 2022, alongside recognition of the effectiveness in feed conversion. These achievements are attributed to the dedication of the company’s teams.

Beyond mere statistics, The Purpose and Impact Report narrates The Maschhoffs’ story of dedication and impact through narratives, data, and testimonials. It serves as a powerful tool to communicate and measure against the company’s core values, reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement.

In unveiling this report, The Maschhoffs invites stakeholders, partners, and the public to celebrate its resilience, commitment to people, and dedication to making a positive impact on the communities it serves. The report underscores the company’s role as stewards of the resources entrusted in its care.

“We move forward with a steadfast focus on remaining true to our core values and demonstrating progress across our measures of success, fostering a shared vision for a brighter future,” said Dr. Jay Miller, President & CEO at The Maschhoffs.

The Maschhoffs extends gratitude to its team for their continued dedication and hard work, recognizing that this collective effort propels the company towards a sustainable and impactful future.

(Access to The Maschhoffs Purpose and Impact report is available via this link.)