Taste, Tradition and Pork’s Nutritional Power

Empowering African Americans to Purchase Pork

‘Don’t Miss the Flavor’ stands as NPB’s strategic platform to elevate pork consumption among African American Millennial and Gen Z consumers. This strategic platform is all about celebrating taste and the rich cultural flavors reminiscent of soul food while emphasizing the nutritional value of pork.

The Multicultural Consumer Impact:

The multicultural consumer segment holds immense influence, responsible for 97% of U.S. population growth in the last two decades and predicted to drive 80% of the country’s growth in the next 40 years.1 For African American communities, pork holds deep cultural relevance, providing an opportunity to embrace and celebrate the connection.

Closing the Gap: Processed vs. Fresh Pork:

Processed pork holds a household presence at 94%, while fresh pork is at 68%.2 The ‘Don’t Miss the Flavor’ strategy aims to bridge this gap, introducing consumers to the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of fresh pork.

Empowering Choice with Flavor and Nutrition:

This initiative serves as a call to action for consumers to embrace pork as the go-to protein for family meals. Our research shows pork’s biggest opportunity to win with consumers is taste, with flavor being the #1 reason they choose it from the meat case. Whether it’s a centerpiece, ingredient or anything in between, consumers love that pork’s flavor gives life to any cuisine.


1: 2020 American Community Survey, 2020 Selig Center for Economic Growth. Impact of CSR Initiatives survey, NielsenIQ Omnibus, June 2021
2: Run on Numerator Insights by rsmith@pork.org on 2023-03-27