Switzerland Bolsters Measures Against African Swine Fever Threat

Title: Switzerland Bolsters Measures Against African Swine Fever Threat

Switzerland is ramping up its precautions against African swine fever (ASF) after reports placed the virus just 60 km from its border, according to the ISN, a special interest group for German pork producers. The country is intensifying preparations to combat a potential outbreak, with specific control measures in place for both domestic pig populations and wild boars, as detailed by Agra Europe.

The threat of ASF is growing for Switzerland, especially considering the proximity of the northernmost detection in Italy to its border. To address this, the Federal Office of Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV) and cantonal veterinarians have implemented measures to manage a potential outbreak within Switzerland.

The control strategy for wild boars involves establishing designated areas to prevent the spread of the disease, promptly identifying and disposing of carcasses to limit viral presence, and implementing intensive hunting if necessary.

Additionally, the cantons have the authority to restrict access to forests in high-risk areas, prohibit the disposal of food waste in nature, enforce leash laws for dogs, and ensure responsible waste management to prevent ASF transmission through contaminated meat residues.

Unlike some affected regions in Germany, Switzerland does not plan to erect a protective fence along its border with Italy due to logistical challenges posed by the terrain.