Summer Promotion Builds Retail Demand for U.S. Pork in Central America, DR

Sales training kicked off a promotional campaign for U.S. pork this summer in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. During the three-month campaign, promotions for U.S. pork have been taking place at 27 retail outlets in the region.

USMEF provided marketing representatives to participating outlets for three days per week to raise awareness of U.S. pork and to educate consumers about the quality attributes that differentiate U.S. pork.

Prior to the campaign, each marketing representative was trained on the quality attributes of U.S. pork and its safety and nutritional benefits.

“The promotions were conducted at upscale outlets where customers have greater interest in nutrition and in creating a quality meal experience,” says Central America representative Lucia Ruano. “Trial purchases will build demand in these emerging markets.”

In a separate promotion at five outlets in Nicaragua, consumers earned incentives by purchasing three pounds or more of U.S. pork.

Promotional funding was provided by the National Pork Board.