Smithfield Foods’ 22nd Annual Sustainability Impact Report: A Testament to Responsible Food Production and Community Support

Smithfield Foods, based in Smithfield, Virginia, recently published its 22nd annual sustainability impact report, underscoring its achievements in sustainability and its ongoing commitment to producing safe, nutritious food responsibly. Stewart Leeth, Chief Sustainability Officer for Smithfield Foods, emphasized the company’s resilience in the face of industry challenges in 2023 and its continued progress in sustainability endeavors.

Key highlights from the report include:


  • Strong performance in animal care with high audit scores for farm operations and processing facilities.
  • Completion of a groundbreaking $150 million renewable natural gas (RNG) project, significantly reducing emissions.
  • Substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions associated with feed and landfill waste, with innovative programs like bakery upcycling.

Community Engagement and Support:

  • Extensive contributions to food banks and disaster relief efforts, donating over 30 million protein servings.
  • Commitment to diversity and engagement, including significant spending with minority-owned businesses.

Support for Farmers:

  • Continued efforts to promote group housing for sows and support contract farmers in adopting sustainable practices.
  • Investment in agronomics programs to enhance crop yield and reduce carbon footprint.

Worker Safety and Product Quality:

  • Maintained safety incident rates below industry averages and zero product recalls in 2023.

Future Goals:

  • Smithfield remains dedicated to enhancing food safety, nutrition transparency, and health and wellness initiatives.

Smithfield Foods has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, guided by international standards and principles. The company’s sustainability program is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, SASB Standards, and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The full report can be accessed on Smithfield’s website. With over two decades of pioneering sustainability efforts, Smithfield Foods continues to lead the way in responsible food production and community support.