Smithfield Employees Rally, Contribute Over $700K to Boost United Way Initiatives

“Smithfield Employees Rally, Contribute Over $700K to Boost United Way Initiatives”

In a recent announcement, Smithfield Foods proudly disclosed that its dedicated workforce in four U.S. states – Illinois, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia – collectively raised an impressive sum exceeding $700,000. This substantial contribution is earmarked to support various United Way organizations, underscoring Smithfield’s commitment to making a positive impact in local communities.

The substantial funds raised by Smithfield employees are set to fuel a range of United Way initiatives, with a focus on enhancing education, healthcare, and financial stability. These impactful programs are tailored to address the specific needs of children, veterans, and local nonprofits. The company expressed its enthusiasm for fostering positive change through targeted efforts aimed at improving the well-being of community members.

In another laudable move, Smithfield Foods recently made a generous donation of $100,000 to facilitate the establishment of a mobile food retail market. This initiative, organized in collaboration with the Ripe for Revival organization, aims to tackle food deserts in southeastern North Carolina. The substantial contribution has enabled the transformation of a bus into a mobile market, offering fresh, locally sourced produce, meat, and dairy products at affordable “pay-as-you-can” prices.

This philanthropic gesture by Smithfield not only underscores its dedication to addressing food insecurity but also expands the Ripe for Revival initiative, bringing the total number of mobile markets to five buses. The program is now operational across seven counties in the Tarheel State, providing vital access to nutritious food for local residents. Smithfield Foods continues to demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility by actively participating in initiatives that make a tangible difference in the communities it serves.