Seaboard Foods Pork Segment Announces Succession Plan: Chad Groves to Lead as New President & CEO

Seaboard Foods LLC’s Pork Segment is undergoing a significant leadership transition with the impending retirement of President and CEO Peter Brown, effective June 30, 2024. To fill this pivotal role, Chad Groves, an accomplished executive within Seaboard Foods, has been selected to take the helm.

Chad Groves brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his new position, having served as Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Innovation at Seaboard Foods since July 2021. In this capacity, Groves has overseen critical aspects of the company’s operations, including retail, foodservice, export, processor sales, marketing, sustainability, and innovation. His impressive background includes executive sales positions at Trilliant Food & Nutrition LLC and High Liner Foods. Additionally, Groves currently serves as a member of the board of directors and treasurer for the National Pork Board, demonstrating his commitment and leadership within the pork industry.

The retirement of Peter Brown marks the conclusion of a distinguished tenure spanning over three years at Seaboard Foods. With over three decades of executive leadership experience in the protein industry, including notable roles at Butterball and High Liner Foods, Brown leaves behind a legacy of excellence and innovation.

As Seaboard Foods prepares for this transition, the company looks forward to harnessing Groves’ leadership and vision to drive continued success and growth within the Pork Segment. With a solid foundation established by Brown and a promising future under Groves’ guidance, Seaboard Foods remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-quality pork products and serving its customers and stakeholders with distinction.