Seaboard Foods Granted Approval for Swine Production Facilities in Ford County, Kansas”

In a recent commissioners’ meeting, Seaboard Foods secured county approval to construct two cutting-edge swine production facilities in Ford County, Kansas. The resolution, decided by a 2-1 vote, saw overwhelming support from Commissioners Shawn Tasset and Chris Boys, while Commissioner Ken W. Snook dissented.

The proposed hog-gilt development farms are slated to span across two barns, covering a combined area of approximately 7 acres. These facilities will serve as homes for around 2,500 gilts, ranging in weight from 45 to 300 pounds, as outlined in a fact sheet presented by Seaboard Foods to the commissioners.

One notable aspect of the project is Seaboard Foods’ commitment to sustainable waste management. Unlike traditional outdoor manure treatment methods, waste management will take place entirely within the barns. Concrete pits, each reaching a depth of 8 feet, will be strategically positioned beneath the slatted floors of the barns. This innovative approach aims to efficiently manage and treat the manure on-site.

The treated manure will then be applied to agricultural land during the growing season, adhering to appropriate rates. This environmentally conscious strategy aligns with Seaboard Foods’ dedication to responsible and sustainable agricultural practices.

The county’s approval marks a significant milestone for Seaboard Foods, paving the way for the establishment of facilities that not only contribute to the local economy but also prioritize environmentally friendly practices in the agricultural sector.

As the project progresses, Seaboard Foods remains committed to transparency and collaboration with the community, ensuring that the development aligns with the best interests of all stakeholders involved.