Russian Pork Prices Set to Soar as Farmers Warn of Impending Shortage

In a recent development, Russian farmers have issued a stark warning about the imminent scarcity of pork in the country, foretelling a substantial increase in prices by at least 10-20 percent. Representatives from the Association of Peasant (Farmer) Farms of Russia (AKKOR) conveyed their concerns to Izvestia.

The impending crisis is attributed to the rapid spread of the African swine fever virus (ASF), a decrease in livestock numbers, and the allure of more profitable export prices for pork, which is prompting farmers to limit their sales within the Russian market.

Alexander Shipulin, the chairman of the AKKOR council and the visionary behind the “Teply Stan” peasant (farmer) farm in the Krasnodar Territory, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The situation is very serious, because we are talking about the food security of the country. Prices will definitely rise, as there is a shortage of meat on the domestic market.”

As Russia grapples with these challenges, consumers and policymakers will need to closely monitor the evolving situation in the pork industry, with potential repercussions for food prices and national food security.