Program Reimburses County Pork Groups for Donations to Their Area Food Banks

The Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) maintains its commitment to fighting food insecurity by supporting local food pantries across the state with the Pork in the Pantry program. Recognizing the critical role that food pantries play in addressing hunger within communities, IPPA will reimburse county pork producer organizations up to $1,000 for pork products donated to food pantries in their counties. This initiative underscores Iowa pork producers’ dedication to giving back to their communities.

“Amid the ongoing challenges faced by many Iowa families, pork producers step up and offer assistance wherever possible,” said Matt Gent, a pig farmer from Wellman who serves as IPPA president. “We understand the vital role that food pantries play in providing sustenance to those experiencing hardship, and we are proud to extend our support to these essential organizations.”

The financial support provided by IPPA in partnership with county pork producer organizations will enable county food pantries to bolster their resources, expand their reach, and better serve individuals and families in need. These contributions will directly impact the lives of countless individuals by ensuring access to nutritious meals during challenging times.

The $1,000 worth of pork can be either through one large donation or several smaller donations through April 19.

This is the second year IPPA has organized the Pork in the Pantry program. Last year, 40 county pork producer organizations worked with IPPA to donate pork to local food pantries, totaling nearly $40,000 statewide and amounting to more than 50,000 meals for underprivileged Iowans. Many groups purchased the pork from local meat processors and grocery stores, helping to keep the dollars in their communities.

Any county pork producer organization in Iowa is eligible to participate in Pork in the Pantry. Counties are responsible for purchasing and donating the pork products and will be reimbursed by IPPA. The deadline for submission of a request form is April 26.