Potential Buyers Eyeing Tyson’s Soon-to-Close Perry Pork Plant

The impending closure of Tyson Foods’ Perry, Iowa, pork facility, slated for the end of June, may not spell the end for the plant. According to Perry City Administrator Sven Peterson, there is significant interest from other meat companies in acquiring the facility, as revealed during a local forum on May 22.

Tyson Foods announced the closure of the Perry plant in mid-March, a decision affecting approximately 1,300 employees. This announcement prompted a wave of community support initiatives, including job fairs and events led by Iowa lawmakers and government officials to assist the plant’s workforce in transitioning to new employment.

The Perry facility, constructed in 1963, faces challenges with its current configuration, particularly the difficulty in staffing two full shifts. Mayor Dirk Cavanaugh emphasized at the forum that even if the plant is sold, it will require time for any new owner to transition the facility to their operations.

In an additional development, Perry city officials are negotiating with Tyson Foods to annex the plant into the city limits. The facility, valued at $11.7 million, occupies 11.75 acres, presenting both opportunities and challenges for potential new owners.

While the future of the plant remains uncertain, the interest from other meat companies offers a glimmer of hope for the community and the workforce. As the discussions continue, the Perry government remains committed to finding a solution that benefits all stakeholders involved.

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