Pork Producers Approve Traceability Resolution at Annual Meeting

Producers approve traceability resolution at annual meeting; SEC climate rule victory a relief for agriculture producers; USDA issues final Packers & Stockyards Act rule; NPPC’s Formica says EPA’s WOTUS rule still problematic for farmers; NPPC installs new officers, elects board; and pork industry leaders recognized at Pork Industry Forum. Take a deeper dive below.

What happened: Delegates at NPPC’s 2024 annual business meeting — the National Pork Industry Forum — in Chicago approved a resolution to enhance the pork industry’s live swine traceability system.

In 2022, a producer-led task force brought together stakeholders throughout the pork supply chain to identify and address current gaps in the system. The task force offered a series of comment periods for producers to provide input on enhanced standards.

The approved standards will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for inclusion in the regulations mandating pre-harvest swine traceability. To view the enhanced standards or learn more, click here.

Why it matters: International meat markets would close immediately if a foreign animal disease, such as African swine fever, was detected in the United States. Strengthening live swine traceability will better assure animal health officials have quick access to comprehensive movement data, show trading partners that the United States knows where disease-free animals are, and support resumption of U.S. pork exports, which last year were more than $8.2 billion.