Pork Industry Leaders Join NPB Board

The National Pork Board (NPB) has elected new officers and appointed new board members for the 2024-2025 term. The producer-led Board of Directors, consisting of 15 members, has commenced their term this week. Additionally, the USDA has sworn in the new board members, whose official terms will start on July 1.


  • President: Al Wulfekuhle, IA
  • Vice President: Gordon Spronk, MN
  • Treasurer: Alayne Johnson, IN
  • Past President: Bob Ruth, PA

New Board Members (effective July 1):

  • Jesse Heimer, MO – 3-year term
  • Dr. Seth Krantz, TN – 3-year term
  • Kevin Rasmussen, IA – 3-year term
  • Pat Bane, IL – 3-year term
  • Bob Ruth, PA – 1-year term

These leaders will steer the NPB’s mission to support and promote the pork industry, focusing on sustainability and growth. The Board’s initiatives will continue to advance pork production, improve animal health and welfare, and boost consumer demand for pork products.

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