NPPC’s Forseth Updates on Prop. 12 at Meat Institute Conference

Event Overview: Dr. Anna Forseth, Director of Animal Health at the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), recently spoke at the Meat Institute’s animal care and handling conference in Kansas City.

Key Presentation: As a featured speaker, Dr. Forseth addressed California’s Proposition 12 and similar state initiatives focusing on animal housing during a session on regulatory and legislative issues related to animal welfare. The NPPC has been at the forefront of opposing Proposition 12, which prohibits the sale of pork in California from hogs born to sows housed in conditions not meeting the state’s stringent standards.

Significance: Conference attendees, including industry analysts and representatives from the restaurant and retail sectors, explored consumer expectations for animal welfare. Discussions also covered prioritizing worker and animal safety through training and facility design, advancements in gene editing, animal welfare research, and the use of artificial intelligence in the industry.