NPPC Hosts Spring Pork Alliance Meeting in Des Moines

In a significant gathering for the pork industry, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) convened its spring Pork Alliance meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, this week. The event brought together allied industry companies, providing them with updates and insights into key issues facing the pork sector.

During the meeting, NPPC staff delivered updates on crucial industry matters, including discussions on the forthcoming farm bill, strategies to address labor shortages in agriculture, challenges posed by California Proposition 12, and advocacy efforts aimed at influencing the Biden administration’s trade agenda.

The agenda also featured roundtable discussions covering a wide array of topics, ranging from sustainability initiatives within the industry to initiatives aimed at expanding international market access for pork products.

Notable speakers at the event included NPPC President Lori Stevermer, a pork producer from Minnesota, and Steve Malakowsky, the director of swine lending at Compeer Financial, who also serves on the NPPC board of directors as the allied industry representative.

The meeting underscored the critical role played by allied industries in supporting and advocating for the U.S. pork industry. These industries, which encompass animal health companies, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, and genetics firms, serve as essential suppliers and advocates, contributing significantly to the success and growth of the pork sector.

In summary, the spring Pork Alliance meeting provided a platform for collaboration, discussion, and strategic planning, reaffirming the collective commitment to advancing the interests of the pork industry and its allied partners.