NPPC Advocates for Producer Interests at USDA ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy Meeting

NPPC Advocates for Producer Interests at USDA ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy Meeting

Dr. Ashley Johnson, the National Pork Producers Council’s (NPPC) director of food policy, was instrumental at the 2024 “Farm to Fork” meeting organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The meeting, a component of the USDA’s One Health initiative, convened experts from the cattle, poultry, and swine industries alongside representatives from state and federal agencies. The goal was to address key issues related to agriculture and public health.

Johnson was a member of the meeting’s steering committee, ensuring the pork industry’s perspectives were well-represented during discussions. The One Health initiative promotes a collaborative approach among various health science professionals and institutions to achieve optimal health outcomes for people, animals, plants, and the environment by addressing diseases that affect all sectors through enhanced communication and cooperation.

The meeting covered several critical topics:

  • Trends, concerns, and successes in preharvest food safety involving local, state, and federal partners.
  • Strategies for reducing pathogens in the agricultural environment.
  • Discussions on recurrent, emerging, and persistent enteric bacterial strains posing public health risks.
  • The integration of a One Health approach to enhance coordination, transparency, and collaboration among various stakeholders.

The “Farm to Fork” meeting is vital for the agricultural sectors to engage with governmental agencies on food safety issues and contribute to shaping policies that impact the industry. NPPC’s active participation highlights its dedication to promoting science-based food safety practices and safeguarding the operational freedoms of producers.