Niman Ranch Advocates for Nationwide Animal Welfare Standards, Challenges EATS Act Critics

Niman Ranch, a leader in sustainable and humane pork production, recently addressed concerns from other pork industry players regarding the animal welfare provisions in the proposed Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act. Speaking to the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, chaired by Glenn Thompson, Niman’s general manager, Chris Oliviero, argued that implementing California’s animal welfare standards nationally would benefit the industry rather than harm it.

Oliviero emphasized that California’s animal welfare laws, which have been in effect for six years, have not negatively impacted pork producers within the state or those selling to California markets. He highlighted Niman Ranch’s positive experiences as evidence that higher animal welfare standards do not necessarily equate to economic disadvantage. “The industry’s focus on lowering costs at all costs has overlooked fundamental consumer expectations for animal welfare. It’s the smaller, family-run farms dedicated to ethical practices that often bear the brunt,” Oliviero stated.

Niman Ranch collaborates with over 500 family-owned hog farms that align with its commitment to humane farming practices. The company has consistently been vocal in discussions about the economic viability of humane and sustainable pork production practices.