New daily ASF outbreaks in Bosnia and Herzgovinia

Bosnia and Herzgovinia have reported a continued surge in outbreaks of African swine fever, with further cases being confirmed every day in the Semberija region.

Cases have also been identified in the Brcko District of BiH and the municipality of Šamac. The impact of this outbreak on the farming industry is widespread, with damages projected to reach in the tens of millions.

Compensation packages for famers who have lost livestock have been approved, with the first payments due to be issued at the end of the month.

President of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Semberija and Majevica, Savo Bakajlić, told the Sarajevo Times: “Big farms have the biggest problems, people should be compensated and the state should compensate in any way possible. We producers believe that here in Semberija we will be without livestock for a long time in terms of pig farming.”

The publication reports that 5,080 pigs have been destroyed so far and officials have supported farmers in the disposal of contaminated pigs. The problem for the country now continues to be maintaining protection for healthy livestock.