Minnesota Pork Board Celebrates Outstanding Contributions with 2024 Pork Awards

In a gala event held at the Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center in Mankato, Minnesota, the Minnesota Pork Board (MPB) recognized individuals and families who have significantly contributed to pork promotion, consumer and producer education, youth mentoring, and service to the pork industry. The annual Award Recognition Reception on February 12 celebrated the achievements of these outstanding contributors.

The 2024 award recipients are as follows:

  1. Distinguished Service: Dave Preisler
  2. Environmental Steward: Jay Moore
  3. Family of the Year: Anderson Family
  4. Pork Promoter of the Year: Nancy Hovel
  5. Swine Manager of the Year: Aaron Hoffmann
  6. Legislator of Distinction: Sen. Bill Weber

Distinguished Service Award: This award acknowledges an individual or group whose contributions have played a pivotal role in the long-term success of Minnesota pig farmers. Dave Preisler’s dedication to the industry has earned him this prestigious recognition.

Environmental Steward Award: Jay Moore is celebrated for exemplifying positive contributions made by pig farmers to the natural environment. This award recognizes his commitment to sustainable practices within the industry.

Family of the Year Award: The Anderson Family receives this honor for their lasting contributions to Minnesota’s pig-raising traditions. Their commitment and generational impact on the industry make them deserving recipients of the Family of the Year Award.

Pork Promoter of the Year Award: Nancy Hovel is recognized for her exceptional efforts in promoting pork products and advocating for the responsible raising of pigs. Her dedication to showcasing the industry’s positive aspects makes her a standout Pork Promoter of the Year.

Swine Manager of the Year Award: Aaron Hoffmann’s excellence in the management and care of pigs is acknowledged with the Swine Manager of the Year Award. As a non-owner employee, Hoffmann’s commitment to the well-being of pigs stands out in the industry.

Legislator of Distinction Award: A new addition to the awards lineup, the Legislator of Distinction Award, honors Sen. Bill Weber as a government ally in St. Paul who actively supports and advocates for pig farmers and agriculture. This award recognizes his significant role in promoting the interests of the industry at the legislative level.

The Minnesota Pork Board applauds these outstanding individuals and families for their dedicated contributions, ensuring the continued success and growth of the pork industry in the state.