Lallemand Animal Nutrition Empowers Swine Industry Innovators: Spotlight on Chloe Hagen

In its continued commitment to nurturing talent within the swine industry, the Lallemand Forward Scholarship Committee has recognized Chloe Hagen, a second-year Ph.D. candidate at Iowa State University, as a recipient of their prestigious scholarship. Hagen’s journey exemplifies a passion for advancing scientific knowledge in applied swine nutrition and making a meaningful impact on the sustainability of pork operations.

Hailing from Stockton, Iowa, Hagen entered Iowa State University with no prior personal experience with swine. However, her dedication to learning and her keen interest in physiology and swine science courses set her on a remarkable trajectory within the field.

During her academic journey, Hagen completed invaluable undergraduate research training with the Applied Swine Nutrition group at Iowa State University. Beyond the classroom, she gained hands-on experience through internships at industry-leading organizations such as Christensen Farms, Carthage System, and Cargill. These diverse experiences, spanning both academic and commercial environments, have equipped Hagen with a holistic understanding of the swine industry.

As a second-year Ph.D. candidate, Hagen is eager to apply her scientific acumen in real-world, on-farm settings. Her goal extends beyond academic pursuits; she aspires to serve as a technical nutritionist, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the sustainability of pork operations.

Chloe Hagen’s journey underscores the importance of fostering emerging talent within the swine industry. Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s investment in individuals like Hagen not only recognizes academic achievement but also aims to empower future leaders who will drive innovation and sustainability in swine production.