Kraft-Heinz Seeks Tax Breaks for $92M Oscar Mayer Plant Upgrade in Missouri

Kraft-Heinz is seeking significant tax incentives for a $92 million project aimed at making its Oscar Mayer hot dog plant in Columbia, Missouri, more sustainable. This move comes even as the company is reportedly considering selling the iconic Oscar Mayer brand.

The food giant has applied for Chapter 100 bonds from Boone County, which could provide up to 75% property tax abatement for a decade. The proposed upgrades include modernizing production lines to enhance packaging recyclability and overhauling utilities to support the company’s ongoing decarbonization efforts. The plant is expected to transition to 90-100% renewable power by 2031, according to the application.

The project promises to create 60 new jobs, adding to the current workforce of nearly 450. Built in 1985, the Columbia plant produces over 143 million pounds of product annually and has undergone expansions in 1991, 1998, and 2016.

Kraft-Heinz emphasized that the investment would solidify the Columbia plant as a central hub, which is currently “under review” due to lower profitability. The company is also considering relocating some or all of its production to other states or countries.

In its application, Kraft-Heinz stated, “Further investment in the facility would strengthen the long-term retention of the current employee base, but is only achievable through a strong public/private partnership.”

By seeking these tax breaks, Kraft-Heinz aims to ensure the sustainability and profitability of the Columbia plant while contributing to broader environmental goals.