Kansas Pork Drives Consumer Choices with Digital Campaigns

Last year, the Kansas Pork Association (KPA) used funding from NPB’s grant program to promote fresh pork purchases through the digital shopping app Ibotta®. Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives users cash back on purchased items. Large, well-known grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Publix and Food Lion use Ibotta to engage shoppers. KPA capitalized on past successful campaigns with Ibotta to promote ribs, sausage and ground pork in 2023.


  • This promotion was completed during the summer grilling months and influenced more than 38,500 consumers to purchase pork ribs.

Ground Pork

  • The promotion was paid for in partnership with Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council and ran from Sept.- Oct. The promotion encouraged more than 155,600 consumers to purchase over 336,800 units of ground pork.


  • The promotion, spanning from Oct.- Nov., emerged as the highlight of the digital campaigns. In a partnership with the Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council, this promotion resonated with 172,800 shoppers, leading to the purchase of an impressive 377,400 units of sausage

The 3 Ibotta campaigns successfully influenced customers nationwide, driving an estimated $6 million in pork product purchases.

Data source: Kansas Pork Association via Ibotta®