JBS Unveils $3 Billion Investment Plan to Expand Operations in Brazil by 2026

JBS, a global meatpacking giant, has announced ambitious plans to invest BRL15 billion ($2.97 billion) in expanding its operations in Brazil by 2026. This revelation came during the inauguration of two new production facilities under its Seara subsidiary in Rolândia, Paraná state, as confirmed by CEO Gilberto Tomazani in a company statement.

Earlier this month, JBS’s parent company, J&F Investimentos, declared a substantial investment of BRL38 billion ($7.5 billion) in Brazil by 2026, with BRL3 billion ($594.4 million) earmarked for JBS. Tomazoni has now disclosed an additional BRL12 billion ($2.4 billion), elevating the total investment commitment in Brazil to BRL15 billion by 2026.

The planned dual listing of JBS in the São Paulo and New York stock exchanges is expected to facilitate this additional investment in Brazil, as per the company executive. JBS had previously announced in July that the dual listing strategy would accelerate diversification, enabling growth in branded and value-added food products while reducing capital costs.

The expansion of the Rolândia industrial complex in Paraná aligns with JBS’s strategic objective of reinforcing its position in high-value-added products. Wesley Batista, JBS shareholder and former CEO, emphasized the company’s significant presence in Brazil, employing 180,000 people and holding the status of the country’s largest employer. With a global workforce of 280,000 and 500 factories worldwide, Batista highlighted Brazil’s extraordinary potential as a key driver for the company’s continued growth.