Jais Valeur to Step Down as Group CEO of Danish Crown

After nearly nine years, Jais Valeur has decided to step down as Group CEO of Danish Crown. He will remain in his position until a suitable replacement is found, as agreed with the Board of Directors. The decision comes as Danish Crown embarks on developing a new group strategy, set for presentation in the autumn.

In discussions with Chairman Asger Krogsgaard, it was determined that a long-term CEO is needed to guide Danish Crown through the next strategic phase. Consequently, the Board of Directors has chosen to expedite the process of finding a new CEO.

“Both the Board and Jais agree that Danish Crown requires new leadership to navigate the comprehensive tasks ahead. While Jais has strengthened our core business, improving Danish Crown’s competitiveness is essential for maintaining competitive settlement prices for our owners. It’s crucial to begin the forthcoming strategy process knowing it will be executed by a new CEO,” said Asger Krogsgaard.

The search for a new Group CEO has commenced, and Jais Valeur will lead the company until a successor is appointed to ensure a smooth transition.

“Earlier this year, I informed Danish Crown that I do not see myself as CEO in the long term. I understand the Board’s desire to accelerate this process to ensure a stable leadership for the new strategy. Danish Crown has made significant strides during my tenure, but considerable and exciting challenges remain. I am committed to guiding Danish Crown through this period to create the best conditions for my successor. Danish Crown is a remarkable company with dedicated employees and significant untapped potential,” said Jais Valeur.

Asger Krogsgaard praised Jais Valeur’s dedication and contributions over nearly nine years, highlighting his role in developing and professionalizing the group. He expressed respect for Jais’s decision to stay on until a new CEO is in place to maintain leadership continuity.

Additionally, Danish Crown announced the appointment of a new Group CFO, set to start on December 1, succeeding Thomas Ahle, who will join the STARK Group. The new CFO’s name will be disclosed after the summer holidays to respect their current employer.

Group Executive Vice President Tim Ørting Jørgensen will continue to manage the core Danish Crown Business Unit and remain on the Executive Board to help prepare the new group strategy in collaboration with the Board of Directors.