Investing in Real Solutions for Current Challenges

NPB is strategically reallocating Pork Checkoff funds into domestic and international market growth initiatives.

As with all agriculture, our industry experiences ups and downs. In each of those extremes, the National Pork Board remains strategic and agile in addressing immediate needs while planning for and anticipating future ones.

To support pork producers dealing with rising operating costs and lower prices, NPB is strategically reallocating Pork Checkoff funds into market growth initiatives – both domestically and internationally.

Global Performance

The reallocated funds will support U.S. exports through our partnership with U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and U.S. market partnership development and in-market activity. We know work needs to be done to drive demand at home and across the globe.

To improve the position of pork in the market, this reallocation will target incremental demand for U.S. pork exports in Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong and South Korea at a time when producers need as much support as possible.

Strengthening Domestic Presence

Domestically, the reallocation will help reach grocery shoppers as they build their digital shopping lists to drive consideration, purchase intent and pork sales.

We will utilize “add-to-list” and “add-to-cart” display strategies to reach in-store, e-commerce and hybrid shoppers while also introducing ground pork and sausage products for all new and existing shoppers.

A Budget-Friendly Approach

We anticipate consumer budgets may be tight, especially during this holiday season. Providing easy and budget-friendly recipe ideas for pork chops, ground pork and sausage will help consumers find meal solutions.

In short – Pork Checkoff dollars are being invested in real solutions for producers, working on their behalf to grow markets for pork and drive consumers into retail with fresh pork on their lists and in their shopping carts. The results from Q1 2024 sales will provide insights into the success of these initiatives.

Targeting Incremental Demand

Our job at NPB is to boost consumption of pork products and add value for our producers. We always keep producers in mind and make every effort to find growth opportunities in the marketplace.

We have adjusted our dollar utilization in response to the immediate needs of the industry to improve pork’s position in the market, and the learnings will help us build into 2024.

Focus on the Loin Complex

Recognizing the importance of the loin complex in adding value for pork producers, NPB has activated a dedicated task force to explore various aspects related to the role of pork in the market, consumer preferences, labeling and cooking methods. The objective of the task force is to increase value and volume on the loin complex for the entire pork industry.

Paving A Path Forward

Pig farmers are in the business of serving their communities. NPB is committed to serving America’s pork producers by implementing real solutions and ensuring the industry’s resilience in the face of challenges.

We will navigate these challenging times one day at a time… and we’ll do it together. Stay tuned for more updates on NPB’s impactful initiatives in the pork industry.