Historic Collaboration Unveiled: Kentucky Pork Producers Forge Innovative Partnership with Tennessee

In a groundbreaking move, the Kentucky Pork Producers Association has initiated a distinctive collaboration with Tennessee’s pork producers, aimed at amplifying the collective voice and message of the pork industry.

Niki Ellis, the Executive Director of Kentucky’s Pork Producers Association, officially announced this historic partnership following the annual meeting held in Bowling Green on January 19th.

Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Ellis highlighted the excitement of Kentucky Pork Producers to join forces with their counterparts in Tennessee. She acknowledged the pivotal role played by some well-known pork producers from both states in laying the foundation for this unique partnership.

The genesis of this collaboration can be traced back to a national task force that included influential figures from the Kentucky pork industry. Ellis emphasized that while each association will maintain its distinct identity, they will operate under the guidance of a managing council comprising representatives from both Kentucky and Tennessee.

Eric Heard and Annie Tolle will serve as representatives for Kentucky, while Jamie Weaver and Katie Sherman will represent Tennessee on the managing council. Niki Ellis, in her role as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Pork Producers Association, will oversee the council’s operations.

This collaborative venture marks a significant milestone for both states’ pork industries, fostering unity while preserving the autonomy of each association. The shared vision and concerted efforts of pork producers from Kentucky and Tennessee are poised to strengthen the industry’s impact and messaging, setting the stage for a new era of cooperation and mutual support.