Fire at Prestage Farms Farrowing House in Clinton, NC; 300 Pigs Survive

About 300 pigs survived a fire at a Prestage Farms facility in Clinton, North Carolina.

A fire broke out in a farrowing house at a Prestage Farms operation last week in Clinton, North Carolina.

According to a report from WRAL, the building contained about 380 sows and their piglets. An estimated 300 pigs survived, although it is not yet clear how many died in the fire.

The fire was first noticed by a contractor working in a field on the farm, who notified the management of the farm, who in turn contacted emergency services.

About 50 firefighters from 14 fire stations in three counties responded to the scene.

The situation is under investigation, and information concerning the cause of the fire has not yet been released. No other buildings on the farm caught on fire.

A spokesman for Prestage Farms told WRAL: “We are certainly grateful for all of the fire departments who responded and worked so hard to limit the fire’s impacts.”