Embracing Innovation in Challenging Times A Path to Sustainability and Profitability

In these challenging times, many in the pork industry are experiencing financial strain. Economic fluctuations, market uncertainties and other external factors have made profitability an uphill battle for many dedicated pork producers.

Among the struggles, there are glimmers of hope and innovation that are testaments of the resilience and adaptability of the pork industry.

One such example is Trails End Farm in Minnesota. Owned by Dale and Lori Stevermer, this farm illustrates how even in the toughest times, it’s possible to embrace both tradition and innovation to find a balance between profitability and sustainability.

📽️ Watch — Trails End Farm: Our Sustainability Story

Some key takeaways from their story:

Sustainability & Profitability: Trails End Farm raises an average of 4,000 pigs each year with the highest standards of care. The nutrients used to feed pigs are recycled by applying manure as nutrients to cash crops. They plant cover crops on 90% of their acres to prevent soil erosion and recycle nutrients.

Harnessing Technology: The farm has adopted solar panels, fulfilling 100% of its energy needs. They also purchased an electric pickup truck as part of their ongoing commitment to try new technologies that offer a return on investment (ROI).

Global Recognition: Their unwavering dedication to sustainability has been recognized globally. After a global presentation, their story opened doors to business partnerships and bolstered the growth of U.S. Pork in the Japanese market.

These successes have not come without challenges and uncertainties. This year, the Stevermers leaned on the Pork Cares Farm Impact Report to evaluate the ROI of new practices and technologies and ensure profitability.

NPB believes many pork producers can benefit from this initiative.

Start your own Pork Cares Farm Impact Report to identify opportunities for new, innovative practices on your farm.

  • Understand where your operations stand
  • Know what changes can generate the highest ROI
  • Find out if you qualify for sustainability grants available to pork producers

Together we can create a future where tradition and innovation coexist, leading to a more sustainable and prosperous pork industry.

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