Elanco Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor for celluTEIN® Bioactive Protein Feed Supplement

Elanco Animal Health Incorporated today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with PURETEIN® Bioscience LLC for celluTEIN® bioactive livestock protein feed supplement for swine in the United States. This strategic partnership enhances Elanco’s swine nutritional health portfolio, complementing existing products such as Baseline™, Proteck™, FeedAID™, Lipinate®, Evosure®, Swine Awake™, and Hemicell® HT.

In many species, including pigs, the mTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin) pathway is a crucial biological signaling pathway that controls cell metabolism, growth, and survival. celluTEIN contains proprietary bioactive protein compounds that stimulate the mTOR pathway, supporting increased immune response and muscle development in post-weaning pigs. An enhanced immune system allows pigs to better resist disease pressure, directing cellular energy towards productive growth.

“Incorporating celluTEIN into Elanco’s portfolio is an opportunity to provide swine producers with an antibiotic alternative, feed ingredient solution designed to support immunity benefits, potentially leading to better feed efficiency and growth rates in nursery and grow-finish pigs,” said Jenna Seltzer, Elanco Swine Nutritional Health Consultant.

Founded in 2007, PURETEIN works to introduce science-based, high-quality feed ingredients aimed at helping livestock producers safely address food security and sustainability issues. The company collaborates with public institutions and companies to conduct trials ensuring the safety and efficacy of its products, promoting innovative science and protocols that reflect its goals of trustworthiness, transparency, commitment, and efficacy.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide PURETEIN’s technology to our swine customers. This agreement strengthens Elanco’s position as a diverse solutions provider for the U.S. swine industry,” added Blake Everhart, Executive Director of the Elanco Swine Business Unit.