Danish Crown Acknowledges Marketing Missteps in Supreme Court Case

Danish Crown has officially responded affirmatively to the claims brought forth by the Climate Movement in Denmark and the Danish Vegetarian Association in a case concerning the use of specific marketing expressions. The company acknowledges that its past use of the terms “Climate-controlled pig” and “Danish pig is more climate-friendly than you think” did not adhere to marketing law requirements. Consequently, Danish Crown has agreed to cease using these statements in all future marketing endeavors.

Despite emphasizing the importance of communicating climate actions to differentiate itself in the market, Danish Crown recognizes the need to adhere to legal boundaries. The process in the Western High Court prompted introspection and fostered valuable discussions regarding sustainability communication standards within the business community.

Since withdrawing the campaign in 2021, Danish Crown has committed to refraining from utilizing the disputed expressions, irrespective of the court’s ruling. Moving forward, the company aims to redirect its focus towards transitioning to a less climate-impacting production model. While continuing to communicate about its climate actions, Danish Crown will ensure alignment with the clarified guidelines resulting from the lawsuit.

In navigating the complexities of the legal proceedings, Danish Crown looks ahead with a determination to implement environmentally responsible practices and communicate them effectively within the parameters of the law.