Clemens Food Group Acquires Kunzler in Strategic Move to Strengthen Pork Processing Capabilities

In a notable development within the pork processing industry, Clemens Food Group, the fifth-largest pork processor in the United States, has announced its acquisition of Kunzler & Co., a long-established family-owned pork company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This acquisition includes all three Kunzler plants, two located in Tyrone and one in Lancaster, expanding Clemens’ operational footprint in the state.

Brad Clemens, President of Clemens Food Group, expressed his honor in being chosen as the successor to carry forward the Kunzler legacy, which spans over 123 years. “As Chris Kunzler sought a successor to carry forward his family’s legacy, I’m honored Clemens Food Group emerged as their ideal steward as there are many similarities between our cultures and commitment to excellence,” said Clemens. This acquisition is described by both parties as a “strategic purchase,” aimed at leveraging complementary strengths to deliver exceptional products and services.

Headquartered in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Clemens Food Group employs over 5,000 workers across multiple states and is recognized for its significant role in the U.S. pork industry. The integration of Kunzler’s facilities into Clemens’ portfolio is expected to enhance the combined entity’s production capabilities and market reach.

The company assured that while the ownership will transition to Clemens, the Kunzler brand and its local facilities will remain intact. This move is part of Clemens’ strategy to drive continued success for the Kunzler brand and support its team members.

This acquisition marks a significant step in the consolidation of family-owned pork processing businesses within Pennsylvania, promising to uphold the legacy and values of both companies while aiming for enhanced operational efficiency and product quality in the competitive market.