Christensen Farms Strengthens Community with Generous Donation to Food Bank of Iowa

Christensen Farms pork donation on February 6, 2024.

Christensen Farms, a leading provider of safe, wholesome, and affordable pork, continues its commitment to addressing food insecurity with a recent donation of 3,000 pounds of ground pork to the Food Bank of Iowa. This contribution aligns with the Food Bank’s mission to nourish Iowa’s children, families, and seniors, enabling them to lead fulfilling and active lives while bolstering the communities they call home.

“At Christensen Farms, we are proud to serve the noble purpose of providing safe, wholesome and affordable pork to families across the country,” said Amber Portner, Christensen Farms Communications Manager. “For many families in the Midwest and throughout the country, putting food on the table can be a daily challenge, and providing a protein-rich source is not just a daily luxury, it is essential.”

This donation follows Christensen Farms’ call to action of Iowa State Fair fairgoers at the 2023 event, with the organization committing to donating pork for every question asked related to pigs, pork or pig farming.

“This was Christensen Farms’ third and best year yet with a designated space on the Grand Concourse at the Iowa State Fair offering us the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and conversations with fairgoers,” Portner shared. “We are excited to come back for years to come committing and striving to grow the total amount of pork we donate to the Food Bank of Iowa through the help of our fellow Iowans.”

Christensen Farms’ commitment extends beyond Iowa, with regular pork donations to over 15 food banks twice a year across their operational footprint. By actively participating in initiatives to combat food insecurity, Christensen Farms reaffirms its dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.