Christensen Farms Announces CEO’s Retirement and Greg Howard’s Immediate Promotion to President

Christensen Farms, a leading player in the agricultural industry, is going through a significant leadership transition. Glenn Stolt, who has served as the company’s President and CEO for an impressive 13 years, has announced his intention to retire from his position, effective in the latter part of 2024. Concurrently, the company is thrilled to announce the immediate promotion of Greg Howard to the role of President.

Commenting on these developments, Mr. Stolt emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering a development-oriented culture that provides ample opportunities for its team members. He stated, “At Christensen Farms, we continue to focus on building a development-oriented culture providing advancement opportunities for our team. This announcement, albeit at the senior level of the organization, demonstrates our commitment to proactive individual and organizational development and succession planning.”

It’s important to note that Mr. Stolt will retain his role as Chief Executive Officer and remain a member of the Board of Directors. Furthermore, he will continue to represent Christensen Farms on the Board of Triumph Foods.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Mr. Howard shared, “I am honored and excited to be given this opportunity as Christensen Farms President and look forward to working with our talented team to build on the company’s strong foundation through innovation, growth, and sustainability. Together, I know we will continue to deliver exceptional value to our customers, partners, and shareholders.”

Greg Howard has been an integral part of Christensen Farms since September 2010, with a brief stint with the company in 2004 and 2005. His journey with the company began as Vice President of Marketing in 2010, where he led marketing, risk management, and logistics. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Greg was promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 2020.

Mary Ann Christensen, Owner and Chairperson of the Board, spoke highly of Mr. Howard’s leadership, dedication, and contributions to the company, saying, “Greg Howard’s promotion to President is a testament to his exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and outstanding contributions to Christensen Farms. Throughout his tenure, Greg has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, a clear strategic vision, and a relentless drive for excellence.”

These changes mark an important chapter in the history of Christensen Farms and reflect the company’s commitment to maintaining strong leadership while fostering growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.