Celebrating Agriculture with the Next Generation

National Ag Day is a day to celebrate and share the story of agriculture and all those who help feed, fuel, and clothe the world. Celebrate #AgDay23 with us as we share the story of AMVC sow farm manager Garrett Smith, who found a passion for agriculture at a young age and wants to share that with the next generation.

Garrett didn’t grow up with his own livestock, but agriculture has always played an important role in his life. “I was really close with my grandparents, who farmed and raised livestock, so I have lots of memories helping on the farm. I think that’s where my love for agriculture started,” Garrett shared.

That passion for agriculture led him to pursue an internship with AMVC, and he continued to work part-time throughout college. After graduating, he accepted a full-time position with AMVC. Since then, he has grown his in career, starting as a swine specialist at a farm in Hamlin, Iowa, completing AMVC’s leadership program, and becoming an assistant manager at a farm in Scranton, Iowa. Today he is the manager of that same farm and works with a team of about nine people to care for sows and their piglets.

Although today’s pig farms look different from previous generations, pork production remains a common interest for Garrett and his grandfather. “We enjoy talking about how much pig farms have changed over the years when it comes to health protocols, biosecurity standards, and the sizes of farms,” he said.

In addition to his grandfather, Garrett also enjoys sharing his love for agriculture with his son, whom he brought to work for a visit to the farm.

“I wanted to share what I do every day and give my son exposure to pig farming,” Garrett said. “More and more people are getting further removed from agriculture, and I think it’s important for people to understand where their food comes from. They don’t always realize how much work goes into raising livestock or what it takes to get pork to the grocery store.”

Being able to share Garrett’s enthusiasm for agriculture with the next generation and the story of pig farming has meant a lot to the Smith family.