Carthage Veterinary Service Hosts 33rd Annual Swine Conference, “Leave it Better”

On Tuesday, August 29, more than 500 industry professionals gathered in Quincy for Carthage Veterinary Service’s 33rd annual hosted conference. A valuable educational and networking tradition for producers and other industry experts, each conference strives to address both ongoing and new challenges that face the marketplace.

The event, themed, “Leave it Better: What Comes Next?” focused on a variety of topics from nutrition and HR management to health, operational management practices and future technologies.

During the conference, Carthage Veterinary Service recognized some outstanding operations and individuals in the swine industry.

Outstanding Finisher — Billy and Eva Gutierrez (Carroll Family Farms)

Outstanding Finisher — Jeff Bolomey (Borgic Farms)

Outstanding Swine Technician — ClaraLee Schwarz (Special K Hog Farms)

Outstanding Swine Manager — Rachel McIlmoil (Bear Creek Genetics)

Outstanding Swine Manager — Edgar Viveros (Eichelberger Farms)

Good Neighbor — Gary Callaway (Premier Companies)

Outstanding Teamwork — High Power Pork and Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions (Professional Swine Management)

Carthage is focusing intently on practical solutions for the swine industry while being a voice for innovation with purpose. The continuation of this conference series demonstrates its commitment to serving the industry and supporting ongoing collaboration to enable the producer’s success. “Our Annual Swine Conference takes many hours of planning for successful execution, but we do so with one goal in mind — provide relevant content that producers can take back to the farm and implement,” says Brianne Skien, General Manager of Carthage Veterinary Service. “We are dedicated to producing a conference that provides immediate value to all of its attendees, from employees and speakers to producers and sponsors. That also means we must continue to reevaluate each year what is working, what needs to be improved, and where the industry needs us to fill a void.”

This summer, Carthage Veterinary Service unveiled a new business logo, reflecting its growth since 1980 from veterinary practice into a company that provides a broad range of services in a “system-based” portfolio approach to our producers’ farm operations. Supported by the motto “Anchored in Science. Committed to Service.” Carthage continues its industry-first mindset.

“Our team is committed to providing solutions to pork producers that will make their business better.  The products and services we provide are based on sound science and come with a system-based perspective of our clients’ operations. We are excited about the future of pork production, and we remain committed to innovation through science and best in class service,” concludes Beau Peterson, Chief Executive Officer of Carthage Veterinary Service.