Brazil Achieves Record Pork Exports in 2023 Despite Decline in China Sales

In 2023, Brazil marked a historic achievement in its pork export sector by shipping a record 1.2 million metric tons, signifying a 9.8% increase from the previous year, as reported by the poultry and pork meat association ABPA.

The surge in Brazilian pork exports was attributed to heightened shipments to key destinations and the exploration of new markets, even in the face of reduced sales to China. Despite a 15.6% year-on-year decline in pork exports to China, the overall revenue from exports reached $2.8 billion, reflecting a substantial 9.5% growth.

ABPA President Ricardo Santin expressed confidence in the industry’s projections, stating, “Given the opening of new markets for Brazilian pork and the positive outlook for traditional destinations, it is anticipated that the export levels achieved last year will be sustained in the current year.”

The record-breaking year saw new markets emerge for Brazilian pork, with notable entries including Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. ABPA’s Director, Luis Rua, revealed negotiations for the potential expansion into additional markets such as the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

China remained a significant player, purchasing 388,600 tons of Brazilian pork in 2023, although this marked a 15.6% decline compared to the previous year. On the other hand, exports to Hong Kong experienced a substantial 29.3% increase, reaching 126,600 tonnes. Other noteworthy increases were observed in the Philippines (126,000 tons, +58.8%), Chile (87,500 tons, +44.2%), Singapore (64,300 tons, +16.2%), Uruguay (49,100 tons, +11.9%), Vietnam (47,800 tons, +4.8%), and Japan (40,300 tons, +46.9%).

Looking ahead, ABPA anticipates Brazil’s pork exports to further grow, setting a target of 1.3 million tons in 2024, fueled by sustained demand and market expansion efforts.