Blimey! Producer Promotes U.S. Pork in Britain

Source: Pork Checkoff

Nobody promotes U.S. pork better than U.S. pork producers.

Last month, Joe Dykhuis, co-owner of Dykhuis Farms in Michigan, and Courtney Knupp, NPB’s VP of international market development, traveled to the United Kingdom to participate in a cross-commodity USDA Agribusiness Trade Mission.

Here’s what they accomplished:

  • Promoted the high quality of U.S. pork to importers
  • Explored pork at retail locations, including Costco (Did you know U.S. pork supplies all pork loins to 30 U.K. Costco locations?) 
  • Gathered feedback to refine U.S. pork’s sustainability messaging, a key demand among consumers in the U.K. and other markets

The goal of this type of in-market presence is to educate importers on U.S. pork’s sustainability commitment. It’s also a chance to collect feedback that helps NPB’s strategic partners, like U.S. Meat Export Federation, differentiate U.S. pork in a diverse global protein market.

International market development is a key investment for the pork industry. In 2021, more than $62 for every hog sold came from exports.

“We’ve been able to get value out of parts of pigs we don’t eat in the U.S.,” says Knupp. “Our job is to sell each part of the pig every day at the highest value, whether that customer is domestic or international.”

Learn more about how NPB invests Pork Checkoff dollars in international market development.

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Pork Byproduct Value Hits New Record 

The hog byproduct value reached $6.05 per hundred pounds the week of July 8, which was the highest for the year and the highest since September 2014. The elevated pork byproduct value comes from steady values for hearts ($68), cheek ($130), livers ($30), snouts ($48), tongues ($121) and lard ($82).

→ Stomachs have risen to $165 per hundred pounds, which is up $35 or 27% from $130 in April

→ Bonemeal value has been above $20 per hundred pounds since early June, which is well above levels seen at the start of the year which were around $10

→ Blood meal jumped to $107.50 two weeks ago, which was the highest for the year so far

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Source: Daily Livestock Report, Steiner Consulting Group, Sponsored in part by CME Group, July 19


Webinar: Improve Swine Heat Stress Resilience Through Management, Nutrition, Genetics 

Heat stress will become a more substantial issue for swine production as global temperatures continue to rise and is a limiting factor to efficient and sustainable swine production that must be addressed. This is especially true for heat stress sensitive populations such as gestating and lactating sows.

Join Dr. Jay Johnson, research animal scientist, USDA-ARS as he presents information on improving swine heat stress resilience while maintaining or improving producer profitability.

When: Wednesday, July 27 at 1 p.m. CDT 
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