2024 World Mega Producer List

Download the 2024 World Mega Producer List

For the last six years Genesus has been identifying the World Mega Producer
companies (operations with 100,000 sows or more). Through this time the
global swine industry has gone under immense change and cycles.

In North America, losses for producers for the better part of almost two years
now with little to no profitability gains over that time has resulted in a smaller
sow herd today and still shrinking. For Europe, have seen a sow herd reduction
in size dramatically through financial losses and has seen fairly high prices for
over a year. For China, it has been a brutal stretch of losses and now prices are
rising much higher than where they once were entering the profitability area.
With such dramatic financial losses for the North American and Chinese
industry over the last year resulting in smaller sow herds it should create an
opportunity for profitability over the next months – they need it.

This year’s World Mega Producer list compromises 49 companies in 10
different countries and three other World Mega Management Companies.
Three new entries have joined this year’s list including the first ever entries of
companies from Mexico and Vietnam. With over 16 million sows being
reported on this year’s list, these companies represent roughly 20% of all sow
production in the entire world.

Genesus has supplied swine genetics to nearly half of all the companies on this
year’s World Mega Producer list.

Download the 2024 World Mega Producer List

Spencer Long
Director of Marketing