Did you know? Sow nutritional needs are up to three times higher during lactation than during gestation. Miss the mark, even for a week or two, and you’ll pay the price in performance.

That’s where Nedap Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator comes in, meeting the nutritional needs of sows and pigs. Producers report:

Litter size increased by up to 2.5 piglets per sow per year

Weaning weight improved by 0.75 kg (1.6 lbs)
Sows returned to estrus sooner
Less feed was wasted

Could your operation benefit from heavier weaning weights, higher farrowing rates, more pigs born alive in subsequent parities and reduced feed costs? We think so.

See how you can strategically feed sows using Nedap Farrowing Feeding with optional wireless Activator.

Put your pigs’ needs first.Get the most from your sow barn

Automating your barn enables you to work efficiently and effectively while feeding, sorting and caring for pigs in all phases of production. But a common misconception is that automation only works for a certain size or style of operation – a perception that’s simply not true.

Automation can:

Improve animal husbandry
Work for any barn size
Lower feed costs

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