Christensen Farms Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence with Launch of 2023 Sustainability Report on Earth Day

Christensen Farms, one of the largest family-owned pork producers in the United States, is proud to announce the release of its 2023 Sustainability Report today, in celebration of Earth Day. This year’s report is especially significant as it coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the company’s founding, marking a half-century of innovation and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

“Reflecting on fifty years of growth and leadership in sustainable pork production, we are inspired by the past and excited for the future,” said Glenn Stolt, Chief Executive Officer of Christensen Farms. “This report not only highlights our accomplishments but also reinforces our commitment to setting new standards for our industry.”

In alignment with our LEGUP 2030 strategic plan, the 2023 Sustainability Report outlines our ongoing initiatives and advancements across our core sustainability pillars: People, Pigs, Planet, and Prosperity. It showcases notable achievements in employee development, animal welfare enhancements, proactive environmental stewardship, and robust community engagement, all of which underscore our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices throughout our operations.

“As we commemorate our 50th anniversary on Earth Day, it’s a reminder of our foundational 4P’s—People, Pigs, Planet, and Prosperity,” said Stolt. “We have and will continue to recognize our responsibility as stewards to the planet. This year’s Sustainability Report not only highlights our progress but also reinforces our ongoing commitment to these principles in everything we do.”

The publication of this report underscores Christensen Farms’ transparent approach to sustainability and its leadership in fostering practices that holistically benefits people, pigs and planet. The company invites all stakeholders, including customers, partners, and the community, to explore the report and join in its journey towards a more sustainable future.

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