How Much Are Farm Managers in Canada Earning Compared to their USA Counterparts?

Cross-border salary comparisons can be insightful, given the similarities and differences in agricultural practices and market dynamics in different countries. Our survey data offers interesting insights into the earnings of farm managers in Canada compared to their counterparts in the USA.

Farm managers in the USA typically earn between $40K and $110K, depending on factors such as the size of the operation, their education level, and number of direct reports. Interestingly, the salary range for Canadian farm managers is broader, spanning from under $40K to as high as $150K. These numbers suggest that while there are lucrative opportunities at both ends of the salary spectrum in both countries, Canadian farm managers may have a slightly higher earning potential.

However, these numbers are shaped by a host of factors, including the size of the operation, level of education, experience, and the specific nature of the role. Therefore, while cross-border salary comparisons are valuable, a comprehensive understanding of the contributing factors is essential for a well-rounded analysis.

For more information on salary trends in the swine live production industry, download your copy of our recent salary survey HERE.

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